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Technical regulations for workplaces

(ASR A1.5/1,2), floors

No.Workrooms, work areas and operational traffic routesR-1) Value V-1) Value
0General Workrooms and Working areas3)   
0.1Entrances, foyers4)R 9  

R 11



  or R 10 V 4
0.3Stairs, foyers5)R 9  
0.4External stairs

R 11



  or R 10 V 4
0.5Ramps, internal5)  (e.g. wheelchair ramps, compensating slopes, transport routes)One R-group higher than Displacement space (V-value) 
  is required for the access flooring   for the access flooring if applicable
0.6Sanitary areas   
0.6.1ToiletsR 9  
0.6.2Changing cubicles and washroomR 10  
0.7Off-duty areas (e.g. waiting rooms, works canteens)R 9  
0.8First aid rooms and similar facilities (see ASR A4.3)R 9  
1Production of margarine, edible fats and oils   
1.1Dripping, cooking fatR 13 V 6
1.2Edible oil refineriesR 13 V 4
1.3Production and packaging of margarineR 12  
1.4Production and packaging of edible fat, filling of edible oilR 12  
2Dairy products preparation and processing, cheese production   
2.1Fresh milk processing, incl. butter-makingR 12  
2.2Cheese-making, storage and packagingR 11  
2.3Icecream manufactureR 12  
3Production of chocolate and confectionery   
3.1Sugar boiling kitchenR 12  
3.2Cocoa productionR 12  
3.3Raw mix productionR 11  
3.4Slab and bar chocolate production, manufacture of filled chocolates and pralinesR 11  
4Production of bakery goods (bakeries, cake and pastry shops, production of biscuits and dry bakery goods)   
4.1Dough preparationR 11  
4.2Areas mainly for the processing of fatty or liquid mixturesR 12  
4.3Washing-up roomsR 12 V4
5Abattoirs, meat preparation and processing   
5.1AbattoirsR 13 V 10
5.2Tripe and entrails preparationR 13 V 10
5.3Meat cutting-upR 13 V 8
5.4Sausage kitchensR 13 V 8
5.5Cooked sausage departmentR 13 V 8 
5.6Raw sausage departmentR 13 V 6
5.7Sausage drying roomR 12  
5.8Brine departmentR 12  
5.9Smoking departmentR 12  
5.10Poultry processingR 12 V 6
5.11Cutting-up and packaging departmentR 12  
5.12Store for sausage casingsR 12 V 86)
6Preparation and processing of fish, delicatessen products   
6.1Preparation and processing of fishR 13 V 10
6.2Production of delicatessen goodsR 13 V 6
6.3Mayonnaise productionR 13 V 4
7Vegetables preparation and processing   
7.1Sauerkraut productionR 13 V 6
7.2Tinned vegetables productionR 13 V 6
7.3Sterilization roomsR 11  
7.4Rooms for preliminary preparation of vegetables for processingR 12 V4
8Wet areas for the production of foodstuffs and drinks (if not specifically mentioned)   
8.1Storage cellar, fermentation cellarR 10  
8.1Soft drinks bottling, fruit juice productionR 11  
9Kitchen, dining-rooms   
9.1Gastronomic kitchens (restaurant kitchens, hotel kitchens)R 12  
9.2Kitchens for communal catering in homes, schools, kindergartens, sanatoriaR 11  
9.3Kitchens for communal catering in hospitals, clinicsR 12  
9.4Large kitchens for communal catering in university dining halls, canteens, delivery service meals („meals on wheels“)R 12 V 4
9.5Food preparation kitchens, „Fast Food“ kitchens, snack barsR 12  
9.6Defreezing and reheating kitchensR 10  
9.7Coffee- and teamaking kitchens, kitchens in „hotels garnis“, station kitchensR 10  
9.8Washing-up rooms   
9.8.1Washing-up rooms to 9.1, 9.4, 9.5R 12 V 4
9.8.2Washing-up rooms to 9.2R 11  
9.8.3Washing-up rooms to 9.3R 12  
9.9Dining-rooms, visitor service areas, canteens incl. service areas and serving countersR 9  
10Cold stores, deep freeze chambers, cold store buildings, deep freeze buildings   
10.1for non-packed goodsR 12  
10.2for packed goodsR 11  
11Food sales establishments, points of sale, serving counters and halls   
11.1Reception of goods meat   
11.1.1for non-packed goodsR 11  
11.1.2for packed goodsR 10  
11.2Reception of goods fishR 11  
11.3Serving counters for meat and sausage   
11.3.1for non-packed goodsR 11  
11.3.2for packed goodsR 10  
11.4Serving counters for meat and sausage, packed goodsR 10  
11.5Serving counters for diary and delicatessen products, non-packed goodsR 10  
11.6Serving counters for fish   
11.6.1for non-packed goodsR 12  
11.6.2for packed goodsR 12  
11.7Serving counters, apart from no. 11.3 to 11.6R 9  
11.8Meat preparation room   
11.8.1for meat preparation, apart from no. 5R 12 V 8
11.8.2for meat processing, apart form no. 5R 11  
11.9Florists‘ shops and service roomsR 11  
11.10Sales areas with oven   
11.10.1For the production of baked goodsR 11  
11.10.2For final baking of prebaked goodsR 10  
11.11Sales ares with „friteuse“ or grill installationsR 12 V 4
11.12Sales and customer service areasR 9  
11.13Preparation areas for foodstuffs for self-service saleR 10  
11.14Cash desk areas, goods wrapping areasR 9  
11.15Open-air sales areasR 11  
  or R 10 V 4
12Public health areas   
12.1Disinfection rooms (wet)R 11  
12.2Precleaning areas for sterilizationR 10  
12.3Faecal rooms, drain rooms, non-disinfected carework roomsR 10  
12.4Autopsy departmentsR 10  
12.5Therapeutic baths, hydrotherapy, mud bath preparationR 11  
12.6Washrooms for operating theatres, plaster roomsR 10  
12.7Sanitary areas, station bathsR 10  

Medical diagnostic and therapy areas, massage rooms

R 9  
12.9Operating theatresR 9  
12.10Station with sick bed rooms and corridorsR 9  
12.11Medical practices and day clinicsR 9  
12.12Apothecaries (chemnists‘ shops with dispensing departments)R 9  
12.13LaboratoriesR 9  
12.14Hairdressing salonsR 9  
13.1Rooms with washing machines or combined washing machines and spin-driersR 9  
13.2Rooms with washing machines, in which the washing is removed while dripping wetR 11  
13.3Rooms for ironing and manglingR 9  
14Animal feed concentrate production   
14.1Dry feed productionR 11  
14.2Feed concentrate production with use of fat and waterR 11 V 4
15Leather goods production, textiles   
15.1Water workshop in tanneriesR 13  
15.2Rooms with greenfleshing machinesR 13 V 10
15.3Rooms with use of leather glueR 13 V 10
15.4Grease rooms for waterproofingR 12  
15.5Dyeing plants for textilesR 11  
16Paint and lacquer application shops   
16.1Wet grinding areasR 12 V 10
16.2PulverbeschichtungR 11  
16.3LackierungR 10  
17Ceramic industry   
17.1Wet grinding (preparation of ceramic raw materials)R 11  
17.2Mixers Handling of materials such as bitumen, pitch graphite, synthetic resinsR 11 V 6
17.3Pressing, extrusion (shaping) Handling of materials such as bitumen, pitch, graphite, synthetic resinsR 11 V 6
17.4Casting departmentsR 12  
17.5Glazing departmentsR 12  
18Preparation and processing of glass and natural stone   
18.1Stone sawing, stone grinding and polishingR 11  
18.2Glass shaping, holloware, glass containersR 11  
18.3Grinding and polishing areas, hollow glass ware, sheet glassR 11  
18.4Insulating glass manufacture, handling of desiccantsR 11 V 6
18.5Packaging, despatch of sheet glass, handling of non-stick agentsR 11 V 6
18.5Etching and acid polishing plants for glassR 11  
19Concrete works   
19.1Concrete washing areasR 11  
20Storage depots   
20.1Stores for oils and greasesR 12 V 6
20.2Storage areas for packaged foodstuffsR 10  
20.3Open-air storage areasR 11  
  or R10 V 4
21Chemical and thermal treatment of iron and steel   
21.1Pickling plantsR 12  
21.2Hardening plantsR 12  
21.3LaboratoriesR 11  
22Metallurgical processes, metal workshops   
22.1Galvanizing shopsR 12  
22.2Grey cast iron workingR 11 V 4
22.3Mechanical metalworking departments (e.g. turning milling), stamping, pressing,   
 drawing (pipes, wire) departments and areas with high lubricant oil loadR 11 V 4
22.4Component cleaning stations, steam cleaningR 12  
23Workshops for vehicle maintenance   
23.1Repair, maintenance and servicing areasR 11  
23.2Working and testing baysR 12 V 4
23.3Washing baysR 11 V 4
24Workshops for aircraft maintenance   
24.1HangarsR 11  
24.2Sheds, dockyardsR 12  
24.3Washing baysR 11 V4 
25Sewage and wastewater treatment   
25.1Pumping stationsR 12  
25.2Sludge dewatering plantsR 12  
25.3Computer roomsR 12  
25.4Workstations, parking, working platforms for service and maintenanceR 12  
26Fire stations   
26.1Fire service vehicles parking stationsR 12  
26.2Hose servicing areasR 12  
27Functional rooms in the respiration protection training facility   
27.1Preparation roomR 10  
27.2Fitness training roomR 10  
27.3Practice roomR 11  
27.4LockR 10  
27.5Target roomR 11  
27.6Heat acclimatization roomR 11  
27.7Control centreR 9  
28Schools and nursery schools (kindergartens)   
28.1Entrances, corridors, indoor recreation areasR 9  
28.2Classrooms, assembly hallsR 9  
28.3StaircasesR 9  
28.4Toilets, washroomsR 10  
28.5Teaching kitchens in schools (see also no. 9)R 10  
28.6Kitchens in nursery schools (see also no. 9)R 10  
28.7Mechanical workshops for woodworkingR 10  
28.8Specialist works departmentR 10  
28.9Break courtyardsR 11  
  or R 10 V 4
29.1Counter hallsR 9  
30Operational traffic routes in external areas   
30.1FootpathsR 11  
  or R 10 V 4
30.2Loading ramps   
30.2.1coveredR 11  
  or R 10 V 4
30.2.2uncoveredR 12  
  or R 11 V 4
30.3Sloping ramps (e.g. for wheelchairs, loading bridges)R 12  
  or R 11 V 4
30.4Refuelling areas   
30.4.1coveredR 11  
30.4.2uncoveredR 12  
31Parking areas   
31.1Garages, above-ground and underground garages not influenced by weather conditions7)R 10  
31.2Garages, above-ground and underground garages that are influenced by weather conditionsR 11  
  or R 10 V 4
31.3Open-air parking areasR 11  
  or R 10 V 4



1) Slippage risk assessment class (R-group). 2)  Displacement space with characteristic value for the minimum volume. 3) For floors in wet areas which are frequented by people with bare feet, see GUV (German accident insurance and prevention association) information sheet  „Bodenbeläge für nassbelastete Barfußbereiche“ (GUV-I 5827). 
4) Entrance areas according to item 0.1 are those areas that can be accessed through entrances directly from outside and where moisture may be brought in from outside (see also Point 6, Paragraph 3, Use of means for collecting dirt and moisture). For neighbouring areas or other large spaces, Point 4, Paragraph 10 must be observed. 5) Stairs, ramps in accordance with items 0.3 and 0.5 are those onto which moisture may be introduced from outside. For neighboring areas Point 4, Paragraph 10 must be observed. 6) If a uniform floor covering has been laid throughout, the displacement space may be lowered to V 4 on the basis of a hazard assessment (taking into account the cleaning method, the work processes and the amount of slippery materials likely to be on the floor). 7) The pedestrian areas that are not subject to slipping hazards due to the influence of the weather, such as heavy rain or moisture that has been carried indoors.