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356 days of holiday feeling.

356 days of holiday feeling.


Racy and yet calm in colour. A special glaze print creates a depth effect on the body, which lends the surface, which is otherwise rather in Mediterranean pastel shades, something southern and wild. Thanks to the special leg shape and absolute frost resistance, "Cavar" is ideal for outdoor use. Mediterranean in the effect - but safe.


1618 facello
1625 passione
1673 chiaro
1685 fosco



pfine stoneware tile/p


pformat: 30 x 30 cm/p

pdimensions: 294 x 294 x 8 mm/p

pslip resistance: R 10/A/p

pAbrasion: 5/p





p class=text-centerstrongstair tread tile/strong/p p class=text-centerdimensions: 340 x 294 x 12 mm/p
p class=text-centerstrongangle tile/strong/p p class=text-centerdimensions: 294 x 115 x 52 x 8 mm/p
p class=text-centerstrongskirting/strong/p p class=text-centerdimensions: 294 x 70 x 8 mm/p

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technical specifications, downloads

table class=full-range tbody tr tdnbsp;/td tdspan class=i8031nbsp;/span/td tdspan class=i0140 i9340nbsp;/span/td tdspan class=i4817nbsp;/span/td tdspan class=i8102nbsp;/span/td tdnbsp;/td /tr tr td pDescription/p /td td pExtrudierte Steinzeugfliese/p /td td pstair tread tile/p /td td pangle tile/p /td td pskirting/p /td tdnbsp;/td /tr tr tdNominal size in cm/td td30 x 30/td td30/td td30/td td30/td tdnbsp;/td /tr tr tdProduction size (mm)/td td294 x 294 x 8/td td340 x 294 x 12/td td294 x 115 x 52 x 8/td td294 x 70 x 8/td tdnbsp;/td /tr tr tdpieces per bundle/td td11/td td4/td td6/td td18/td tdnbsp;/td /tr tr tdStück pro msup2/sup/lfm inkl. Fuge/td td11,00/td td3,30/td td6/td td18/td tdnbsp;/td /tr tr tdpieces per pallet/td td704nbsp;/td td160nbsp;/td td576nbsp;/td td3240nbsp;/td tdnbsp;/td /tr tr tdmsup2/sup/lfm pro Paket/td td1,00/td td1,21/td td1,82/td td5,45/td tdnbsp;/td /tr tr tdmsup2/sup/lfm pro Palette/td td64,00/td td48,48/td td174,55/td td981,82/td tdnbsp;/td /tr tr tdbundles per pallet/td td64/td td40/td td96/td td180/td tdnbsp;/td /tr tr tdkg per pallet/td td1063,04/td td487,00/td td490,18/td td1221,48/td tdnbsp;/td /tr tr tdkg per piece/td td1,51/td td3,04/td td0,85/td td0,38/td tdnbsp;/td /tr tr tdkg pro msup2/sup/lfm/td td16,61/td td10,05/td td2,81/td td1,24/td tdnbsp;/td /tr tr tdkg per bundle/td td16,61/td td12,18/td td5,11/td td6,79/td tdnbsp;/td /tr tr tdslip resistance/td tdR 10/A/td tdR 10/A/td tdR 10/A/td td-/td tdnbsp;/td /tr /tbody /table
table tbody tr tdstrongDIN EN 14411/strong/td tdnbsp;/td /tr tr tdstrongCOLOURS:/strong/td td1673 chiaro, 1618 facello, 1625 passione, 1685 fosco/td /tr tr tdstrongFORMATS:/strong/td td30 x 30 cm/td /tr /tbody /table table class=first-col-bold first-row-grey wide tbody tr tdBending strength (Average value)nbsp;(EN ISO 10545-4)/td tdØ 24 N/mmsup2/sup/td /tr tr tdWater absorption (Average value)nbsp;(EN ISO 10545-3)/td td≤ 3 %/td /tr tr tdScratch hardness of surface (Mohs scale) (minimum individual value)nbsp;(EN 101)/td td6–7/td /tr tr tdFrost resistancenbsp;(EN ISO 10545-12)/td tdis fulfilled/td /tr tr tdResistance of surface abrasion for glazed tilesnbsp;(EN ISO 10545-7)/td td pGroup: 5/p p1685 fosco: 4/p /td /tr tr tdChemical resistance – except to hydrofluoric acid and its compounds – of tilesnbsp;(EN ISO 10545-13)/td tdis fulfilled/td /tr tr tdThermal shock resistancenbsp;(EN ISO 10545-9)/td tdis fulfilled/td /tr tr tdCoefficient of thermal expansion from room temperatur (20° C) to 100° C/CEnbsp;(EN ISO 10545-8)/td tdlt; 80x10sup-7/supKsup-1/sup/td /tr tr tdClassification groups for antislip floor claddings in barefoot areasnbsp;(DIN 51 097)/td tdGroup: A/td /tr tr tdClassification groups for industrial floor claddings with an inerteased risk of slippingnbsp;nbsp;(safety procedure)nbsp;(DIN 51 130)/td tdGroup: R10/td /tr /tbody /table

pa href=t3://file?uid=21460Delivery programme/a/p

pa class=download href=t3://file?uid=19322Declaration of Performance/a/p

pa class=download href=t3://file?uid=19240Technical Specification/a/p

pa class=download href=t3://file?uid=4832Cleaning instructions/a/p

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