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Ströher Group provides renewed proof of sustainable management

In the fight against climate change, the reusability and recycling of already used raw materials play a decisive role. The fact that movement has entered the climate change debate motivates companies to continue to exploit all possibilities, conserve valuable resources and protect the climate. For years, the ceramic producer Ströher has been demonstrably on an exemplary path in terms of savings in both primary resources and greenhouse gases. As in previous years, the Ströher Group once again fulfilled its pioneering role in environmental and climate protection in 2018.


The ceramic manufacturer has competently and consistently dealt with the major topic of the future of "intelligent recycling“. As the recently in Dillenburg arrived resource protection certificate from interseroh proves, the responsible handling and recycling of materials such as mixed plastics, paper, cardboard and lightweight packaging and wood of the Ströher Group last year resulted in a saving of 1062.114 tons of resources and, in addition, in cutting 138,319 kilograms of greenhouse gases.


"Thanks to our joint recycling activities, the Ströher Group saves large amounts of greenhouse gases and primary resources every year," the letter from interseroh states. "This is confirmed for the twelfth time in a row by the independent studies of the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology UMSICHT." Closing circuits, avoiding waste, conserving resources: interseroh has been developing tailor-made environmental and system services for its customers from all sectors since 1991. Together with customers throughout Europe, interseroh designs intelligent full-service solutions and products that specifically improve the sustainability performance of companies.


Ströher makes an important contribution to the environment. Together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology UMSICHT, the company's recycling activities are tested every year. "And we will continue to demonstrate pioneering qualities in our industry and show where to go in the responsible use of resources," Managing Director Patrick Schneider says leaving no doubt as to the importance he attaches to this topic.

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