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Nature Looks

In its most original form and abundant beauty.

Natural and cozy in appearance. For a warm to urban atmosphere.


Inspired by the natural look of classic precious woods, Origin Wood is modeled after the natural wood in every detail. The multifaceted grains, striking inclusions and subtly matched warm color nuances characterize the filigree surface design. Amazingly and naturally genuine. Not only visually, but also in touch and comfort.


The choice for the rectified format 23 x 120 cm includes the precious wood tones oak and walnut. Those who like urban nature will find the perfect tone in sophisticated gray.


Not only stylish, but also slip-proof, the Origin Wood Series with an R/10 B surface also provides the necessary slip protection in wet & barefoot areas such as showers or bathrooms, in representative or public areas, in stores, lobbies or in restaurants.


4814 walnuss
4844 eiche

Origin Wood


Origin Wood


pFeinsteinzeugfliesebr / nbsp;/p

pformat: 23 x 120 cm/p

pdimensions: 227 x 1195 x 9,7 mm/p

pslip resistance: R 10/B/p

pAbrasion: -/p

Origin Wood


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technical specifications, downloads

table class=full-range tbody tr td pDescription/p /td td pFeinsteinzeugfliese/p /td tdnbsp;/td /tr tr tdNominal size in cm/td td23 x 120/td tdnbsp;/td /tr tr tdProduction size (mm)/td td227 x 1195 x 9,7/td tdnbsp;/td /tr tr tdpieces per bundle/td td4/td tdnbsp;/td /tr tr tdStück pro msup2/sup/lfm inkl. Fuge/td td3,69/td tdnbsp;/td /tr tr tdpieces per pallet/td td216nbsp;/td tdnbsp;/td /tr tr tdmsup2/sup/lfm pro Paket/td td1,09/td tdnbsp;/td /tr tr tdmsup2/sup/lfm pro Palette/td td58,60/td tdnbsp;/td /tr tr tdbundles per pallet/td td54/td tdnbsp;/td /tr tr tdkg per pallet/td td1215,00/td tdnbsp;/td /tr tr tdkg per piece/td td5,63/td tdnbsp;/td /tr tr tdkg pro msup2/sup/lfm/td td20,73/td tdnbsp;/td /tr tr tdkg per bundle/td td22,50/td tdnbsp;/td /tr tr tdslip resistance/td tdR 10/B/td tdnbsp;/td /tr /tbody /table
table tbody tr tdstrongDIN EN 14411/strong/td tdnbsp;/td /tr tr tdstrongCOLOURS:/strong/td td4814 walnut,nbsp;4844 oak/td /tr tr tdstrongFORMATS:/strong/td td23 x 120 cmnbsp;/td /tr /tbody /table table class=first-col-bold first-row-grey wide tbody tr tdBiegefestigkeit (Mittelwert) (EN ISO 10545-4)/td td≥ 35 N/mmsup2/sup/td /tr tr tdWasseraufnahme (Mittelwert) (EN ISO 10545-3)/td tdlt; 0,1%/td /tr tr tdFrostbeständigkeit (EN ISO 10545-12)/td tdis fulfilled/td /tr tr tdVerschleißwiderstand der Oberfläche für glasierte Platten (EN ISO 10545-7)/td td≤ 175 mmsup3/sup/td /tr tr tdChemische Beständigkeit – außer gegen Flußsäure und ihre Verbindungen – für Fliesen und Platten (EN ISO 10545-13)/td tdis fulfilled/td /tr tr tdTemperaturwechselbeständigkeit (EN ISO 10545-9)/td tdis fulfilled/td /tr tr tdThermischer LAK von Raumtemperatur (20° C) bis 100° C (EN ISO 10545-8)/td tdlt; 80x10sup-7/supKsup-1/sup/td /tr tr tdBewertungsgruppe für rutschhemmende Bodenbeläge im nassbelasteten Barfußbereich (DIN 51 097)/td tdB/td /tr tr tdBewertungsgruppe für gewerbliche Bodenplatten mit erhöhter Rutschgefahr (Begehungsverfahren) (DIN 51 130)/td tdGroup: R10/td /tr tr tdBruchlast/td tdFliesenstärke ≥nbsp;7,5 mm: gt;nbsp;1.300 N/td /tr tr tdBrandverhaltent/td tdKlasse A1, A1subFL/sub/td /tr /tbody /table

pa class=download href=t3://file?uid=21460Delivery programme/a/p

pa class=download href=t3://file?uid=19324Declaration of Performance/a/p

pa class=download href=t3://file?uid=19378Technical Specifications/a/p

pa class=download href=t3://file?uid=4832Cleaning instructions/a/p

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