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XX thin, XX strong, XX large. Understated detail, historic, or ‘Cosmo Contemporary’. The Ströher Group, with ceramics for the home, outdoors and facades in Bologna.


Following an absence of three years, the Dillenburg ceramics group has a stand at Cersaie 2019. For the very first time, they are exhibiting all three brands in the entire application-specific range. The focus is not only on superbly designed product innovation in their usual clear signature style, for the home interior and outdoor ceramics sector and facades, but also on a new marketing concept that links these two main ceramic domains.

On the theme, ‘Performed to nuance’, the Ströher Group’s innovative exhibits are an example of how natural ceramic products can be used to create nuances between floors, walls and facades, or even to make statements, displaying subtle variations in effect. The innovative development and implementation of new Ströher design technologies, with regard to surface refinement and the colour application process, renders this possible and delivers top-performance ceramics, with understated detail for user-friendly originality.


Patrick Schneider, managing director of the Ströher Group declares: “Cersaie, along with Bau in Munich, is once more a permanent fixture in our exhibition calendar. Over the years, we have grown from being a niche supplier of functional ceramics, into a ceramics group that has made remarkable progress; establishing ourselves internationally with three strong brands in different product segments, and in our architectural and project competence through diversified marketing concepts. Cersaie provides us with a good platform for driving this internationalisation forward, and we have already launched our Gepadi brand, hitherto only distributed in Germany, on an international scale. This is because, in recent years, Cersaie has also been noted for its increasing attractiveness to architects and planners, as well as its strongly international flavour. For us as a group, it makes Bologna the ideal exhibition and dialogue platform for our product, architectural and application competence. Moreover, it provides interesting perspectives for our multi-channel distribution, which, together with our industrial customer business in facades, particularly capitalises on specialist trade in the distribution of our indoor, outdoor, and facade ceramics. This is due to the fact that for specialist trade, we are already introducing a marketing concept that combines the product areas of clinker brick and home interior ceramics.“


Cosmo Contemporary: Gepadi’s Home Interior Ceramic and Outdoor Trends 


Cosmo Contemporary at Gepadi still stands for: new series, new surfaces and product upgrades from XX-thin to XX-strong and XX-large. In Bologna, the interiors specialist has introduced further additional formats for Gepadi Surround,  the architectural concept introduced at the beginning of the year: 6 mm ultra-thin in 1 x 1 m high end, or as stunning garden slabs in the extra-strong, high-end 60 x 120 cm format. Not Cosmo, but rather ‘Wooden’ Contemporary, Gepadi Woodchic has also made an entrance: a deceptively real oak look in 20 x 120 cm timber floorboard format. 

Ströher: Retro-modern on Terraces and Balconies


With the new heavy clay ceramic floor series, ‘Selected’, Ströher once again proves its outdoors competence and makes a new bold statement in the area of user-friendly heavy clay ceramics. As a retro-modern exposed concrete mix, ‘Selected’ offers the usual versatile convenience concept in three colours plus decoration, in the 30 x 60 and 30 x 30 cm formats and the sub-range of loft mouldings.


Striking Facades and Wall Surfaces

With three new series at once, Ströher the extrusion specialist is presenting a trailblazing product at Cersaie 2019, in the form of performance-focussed clinker brick slips. As part of the ‘Brickwerk’ series, historic firing techniques, sooty smoke flags, burn-outs and set marks accentuate a striking, innovative and multi-faceted coal-firing and ring furnace look in the standard/thin format. With even more imposing proportions is the ‘Brick 60’ series, currently the longest unrestricted 60 cm clinker brick slip format on the market. In contrast, there is the progressive ‘Wasserbrand’ style: a gently rugged but assertive brick effect, in the thin format of the historic water-struck look. 


A New Marketing Approach: Emphasising Interior Walls – for More Atmosphere 


Brick is not only for outdoor facades, ventures the new ‘Statement Walls’ marketing campaign, which brings together the product areas of clinker brick slips and home interior ceramics. In the design culture of home interior walls, exposed brick is replaced by clinker brick slips, thereby adding thoroughly understated accents. In this way, a partially clinkered area or an entire wall can make a real statement. Therefore, this natural product made from fired clay not only creates a cosy atmosphere, upgrades the space and gives it an individual signature style in visual terms, but also in terms of energy use. For specialist trade, an integrated concept is offered to address diverse target groups.


Signature ceramics and clinker 


The Ströher Group is a German ceramics company that operates worldwide and specialises at its Dillenburg site in the production and sale of signature ceramics and clinker, i.e. ceramic tiles and clinker brick slips with a distinctive character. The parent company Ströher has been one of Germany's leading manufacturers of extruded clinker brick slips for facades and frost-resistant outdoor ceramics for patios and balconies since 1884. The subsidiaries Gepadi and Ströher Living market fine stoneware lifestyle tiles for floors and walls in the residential ceramics business segment.

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