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Start of training in Germany: for four young people the 1st August is a particularly exciting day. It marks the start of their professional life and therefore, for most trainees, the first contact with a new world. Eight motivated young people have started their careers in industrial ceramics, industrial mechanics, electronics and industrial management in Hessen with the clinker and ceramic specialist Ströher. Through the focused training of qualified up-and-coming specialists, the market leader is ensuring standards in the field of extruded floor and facade ceramics which are associated with 'Made in Dillenburg' clinker ceramics across the globe. Any initial fears dissipated quickly thanks to the trainee supporting mentor scheme and a warm welcome from management, HR management and the works council.

Chairman of the board Gerhard Albert emphasised in his welcome speech:  "For Ströher, qualified training is a central, strategic element to ensure skilled personnel and therefore has a high priority in the company group. We are pleased to welcome each new, committed entrant and are happy to invest in young people who can usually look forward to a position after their training is complete.


In addition to the classic factory lessons and focused examination preparation, the Ströher Group invests in a mentor system which has become successfully established over the past years. It involves members of staff who joined the apprenticeship programme in previous years acting as mentors by providing assistance in the new everyday working routine and providing assistance whenever any questions arise. This ensures contact and integration, and gives the apprentices a feeling of security. These are values that are important in the Ströher Group.


In order to make the start a bit more relaxing, the first working day began with a company presentation, getting to know new trainees and mentors over breakfast and a tour through the heart of the Ströher factory: production. This year has once again shown that it is not only the complex production systems in the individual Ströher factories which fascinate. It is also the fact that Ströher still uses regional raw materials to create high-quality products with worldwide appeal. After a hearty breakfast together it was time for everybody to go to their new work places.

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